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Cutter company was founded in January of 1989 by Michael A. Metcalf.  The company serves Southwest Washington and Northwest Oregon as certified appraisers and real property consultants.  We are located at 6400 NE Highway 99, Suite G-104, Vancouver, WA 98665.


Mike Metcalf, the owner and principal appraiser of Cutter Company  is certified by the States of Oregon and Washington to perform residential appraisals, without value limitations, on one to four family units. 


Mike is on the FHA panel in both Oregon and Washington and has earned his IFA designation through the National Association of Independent Fee Appraisers. He has recently been admitted to the Veteran's Administration Fee Panel.  He is also approved as a right of way appraiser for the Washington Department of Transportation.


The appraisers at Cutter Company have both the experience and the expertise to handle anything in the one to four family residential range.  We have appraised waterfront properties, and consider them somewhat of a specialty.  We have appraised vacation cabins, both fee simple and leased fee and including high value “executive retreats.”  We have done insurance appraisals on destroyed properties, regularly perform appraisals for removal of prime mortgage insurance (PMI).


In connection with appraisals for estate purposes Mike Metcalf is experienced as an expert witness and has been admitted as an expert witness in Clark County District and Superior Court and Skamania County Superior Court.  Mike also is an experienced review appraiser and has been appointed  to the Washington State Expert Review Appraiser Roster (ERAR) where he has been a panel member since 1997.


In summation, if it has to do with one to four family residential property valuation or consultation, anywhere in Southwest Washington or Western Oregon, Cutter Company has an appraiser who can handle your needs.



The following data sources are maintained in the offices of Cutter Company:

Realtor’s Multiple Listing Service. Cutter Company maintains full membership through Mike's professional society, the National Association of Independent Fee Appraisers. RLMS provides data on sold and active listings in Oregon and Washington. This service is maintained via modem connection. RMLS also provides us with a searchable database of county assessor's records for most of the counties we serve.


Marshall & Swift valuation services. This is currently maintained as follows:

    A. Marshall & Swift Residential Cost Handbook is maintained as hard copy and updated by subscription.

    B. Marshall & Swift Repair & Remodel Guide is maintained as hard copy and updated frequently.

    C. The Marshall & Swift Residential Cost Program (RE-7) is maintained as an "in-house" computer program which is updated by subscription. This allows us the flexibility to use the program economically for such purposes as land abstraction and other time intensive studies.


Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Flood Insurance Rate Maps for Clark and Cowlitz Counties, as well as most cities and towns in the area, are maintained by subscription with  INTERFLOOD, a commercial service on the web.


Zoning ordinances and maps, comprehensive plans, and utility plans from most Cities and Counties in our area are maintained as hard copies and through the web.


Rental data is obtained from various property management companies on an "as needed" basis.


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